Dispute Resolution

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We are cognizant of the fact that disputes among individuals and legal parties is an inevitable reality in personal lives and business operations. Despite this reality, we always strive to ensure the best representation for our clients whether in pursuing a claim or defending a suit.

The firm is multifaceted in its approach to dispute resolution. In each dispute resolution procedure, we seek to provide the most optimum solution to the dispute taking into keen consideration the claims/defence of our client, time and expense in pursuing the dispute.

Though the types of dispute may vary from case to case, our approach is the same in enabling our client be satisfied with the value and quality of the work in each case.


Procurement dispute involving breach of service contract between a client and the Civil Aviation Authority.

a) Client is made to fill out firm litigation form to capture first information.
b) Perusal of all documentation and necessary evidence to establish claim
c) Engaged the Respondent to pursue potential settlement of the dispute.
d) Upon failure of settlement talks, proceeded to have the matter resolved through arbitration.


Successful award made in favour of the client for the equivalent of USD 50,000