Our Inspiration

Bytelex Advocates has established itself as an exceptional legal service provider for entities with unconventional business models spanning from companies developing technology enabled innovations in the health, financial and energy sectors, to companies with unusual solutions to prevailing challenges.

The year was 2012 when inspired by a growing eco-system in Africa, the Firm’s founding Partner, Mr. Raymond Asiimwe birthed the idea of the law firm of the future in a University dorm room. Mr. Asiimwe, who was a law student at the time, recognized a nascent ecosystem, the rapid internet infrastructural growth brought by the seacom cable and sheer optimism shown by the emergence of several incubation hubs across the East-African region. This crystallised into the idea to create a Startups and Emerging companies legal practice.

Building an unconventional legal practice was a daunting task right from shaping the practice to identification of visionary lawyers who shared a similar passion. In its initial years as a consultancy, the Firm focussed on providing in-house legal services at tech hubs such as Outbox and Innovation Village in Uganda to understand the opportunity better. The Firm gradually identified exceptional persons who would come to form the backbone of the Firm’s versatile team, including Mr. Asingwire Martin and Ms. Irene Eyogyiire.

With this unique history, the Firm boasts of an in-depth understanding of the needs of companies in the start-up and emerging companies segment, technology companies and energy companies. We are committed to understanding the unique needs of our clients and our service offering is guided by the need to: spur the growth of our clients: provide innovative solutions, and to be flexible in approach.