Meet Lawyers who can code! know E=mc2........!

BYTELEX and Technology

At Bytelex we encourage career diversity in the field of Sciences and technology. We believe that a good Legal Practitioner must have an understanding of technology and the Sciences coupled with the law. It is only by understanding the DNA that makes our clients that we are in position to provide wholesome Legal representation. Therefore we insist on lawyers with a technology background,some of our Lawyers have gone on to pursue technology degrees. Most of the time we will consult with industry experts to get a broader and informed perspective of the tech-legal issue we have before us.

Bytelex is equally at the forefront of providing tech-legal solutions. We believe that legal practice is not cast in stone! legal Practice must evolve with the emerging technology Trends.Currently Bytelex has embarked on a bill and case tracker extension for modern browsers.

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