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Collective P2P savings and lending
Revolutionizing finance by making it collective. So far, P2P Lending has focused on individuals and high-income economies, with E-Savings.club we have created collective P2P for the emerging world by learning from the informal. revolutionary ROI.
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Our Clients

Katoto is a Ugandan cartoon series featuring a true village Mukiga man who loves Bushera and is often caught in hilarious escapades with his son cow and wife
A telemedicine Platform
INNOVEX is a leading technology company that provides world-class training and consultancy in the field of embedded systems and robotics.
Sync Differently
Maelearn is an online academic platform that believes in sharing, preserving,valuing academic material and promoting talent. We work so hard to prevent lecture material and information from ending up in recycle bins,or in areas hardly accessible.
Innovative and Efficient Business Solutions
Learnswill Art believes in the promotion of professional Artists and talent. We search for professional artists with original art works from a wide range of subjects and we promote it.
Trium works offers mobile business solutions to clients and partners on any devices and resolutions
KROBITS is a group of young technology enthusiasts who are eager and willing to identify problems in society and engineer ICT (information and communications technology) solutions to automate processes inorder to easen daily tasks while simoultaneously reducing cost of living.
We help new and upcoming African entrepreneurs interested in using technology to build high growth companies with workspace, mentorship, and training programs. Through our partnerships, we help them raise money for their ventures and access markets. We also work with students, developers, researchers and organizations to build inclusive communities that entrepreneurs can tap into for talent and collaboration. -
Venture Outreach
Amari Naturals
Em Profits
Elite Basket Ball