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 by Asingwire Martin LLB (Hons) Dip Lp (LDC)

Among the key indicators of a successful startup is always the need to provide a viable solution to a market need. The solution will usually involve a new or improved device or technique or simply providing a more efficient and less tedious way of performing a task. As a startup defines and develops its solution, intellectual property (IP) becomes a core asset of its business. READ MORE

1.   by Asingwire Martin LLB (Hons) MUK, Dip. Lp. (LDC)



 Choice of Entity.

           i)        By carefully deciding on the entity under which one’s business will operate one can reduce exposure to liabilities, save taxes and start the business in a form capable of being financed and conducted efficiently.  In addition, formalizing the business enables founders and members of the business prevent misunderstandings among the participants by defining their ownership, roles and duties in the business. READ MORE

by Othieno Davis,Partner, LLB,DIP.LP (LDC) 

What is Tax?

The major pre-occupation of a tax lawyer is to save his/her client from incurring a heavy tax burden. The tax lawyer’s job is to find loopholes to ensure that he/she minimizes the amount that the client pays. Taxation is defined in Osborn’s Concise Law dictionary as “… the imposition of duties for the raising of revenue.” Simply put, taxation is a device of the state to extract money or valuables from individuals and organisations through the use of law. READ MORE